Tagaytay | Summer '16

by - June 18, 2016

I've been so busy with school that I haven't had the chance to hangout with my two younger siblings. Coincidentally my friend Dianne was holding her 18th birthday celebration at Tagaytay, and she needed videographers and photographers for the event. I suggested my brother, and I could definitely just help and take photos, do her makeup and assist with the party itself. The event was one whole afternoon at the SkyRanch amusement park.

Since we were already in the area, I decided to make it a whole trip out of it. Here are some of the photos during the trip.

-DAY 1-

Traveling through bus was really rough, but good thing it was a 3 seater row, so we got to sit together. We got dropped of at Olivarez and ate lunch at the Chowking. 

We checked in at our Hotel at around 2pm. The accommodations at Q Hotel were pretty stellar. The place was picturesque. Some people actually hold events like weddings and debuts here. I mean check out that grand staircase.

After checking in we headed to Picnic Grove to see the sights and go Horse back riding.

We ended the first day by having dinner at Rowena's

-DAY 2-
After prepping for the event we headed to Josephine's. We enjoyed a nice view of Taal Volcano while eating.


Dianne's celebration at Kenny Rogers

We walked around the Sky Ranch park.

Mission accomplished!

-DAY 3-

We woke early so that we could ride a tricycle down to the TLYC, where we would register for our day trek to the crater. It was 20-30 minute ride from our hotel to the club. The ride down was nice since the road was full of vegetation and the air was pretty cool.


On the boat ride on the way to the trail. They were still cranky because it was early in the morning.

Crystal clear blue water.

This was already on the trail going to the crater itself.

   There's this tower where you can see this view

All smiles!

Well lookie here. It's the crater

We actually went down to the  actual crater as well. It was such an experience that not a lot of people get to see

The area had a distinct smell because of the sulfur.

It was also boiling on some of the areas of the crater. Some people would bring eggs and boil it here just for fun. It was definitely humid in this area
This was place was so beautiful. I would have never thought I would see this in person. 

I highly suggest that you go on the trail much earlier. You can go as early as 5 am, just make sure to tell the club ahead of time. Also purchase and reserve your slots ahead of time than paying and scheduling upfront since its much cheaper that way.

-DAY 4-

On the last day we decided to pay the local Starbucks that had a nice view of the lake before heading back to Manila

That's it folks!

If you want to have the whole itinerary and cost of the trip, I made a whole post about it HERE

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