Tagaytay | Itinerary

by - June 06, 2016

I initially made this itinerary to show our parents the schedule of our trip to Tagaytay. Provided them with GPS locations, as well the intended budget for our trip. This is a very basic itinerary for first time tourists in Tagaytay. There are other places that I didn't get to include in this trip, but I definitely intend to visit the next time I go to Tagaytay. If you have any suggestions for places to go it would be great if you posted them on the comments below so that other readers may see them.

-DAY 1-

9:00 AM Departure from Manila Bus station: bus ride: 87/ea
12:00 AM Arrival at Olivarez Tagaytay
1:30 PM Ride to Q Hotel: 100
Lunch at Fast food joint along Olivarez 300
2:00 PM Check-in Q Hotel: (3k/day weekday price)
3:00 PM Tagaytay Picnic Grove 100 
Entrance fee: 50/ea
Horseback Riding: 350/ea
5:00 PM Ride back to Q Hotel 100
7:00 PM Tricycle ride to Dinner: 200 Early Dinner: Rowena's 750
9:00 PM Tricycle ride to Q Hotel: 200

cost for the day: 6011
-DAY 2-

8:00 AM Breakfast at Q Hotel: (3k/day weekend price)
9:00 AM Prepare for Sky Ranch
1:00 AM Tricycle Ride to Lunch: 300
Lunch at Josephine’s: 600
1:00pm SkyRanch (entrance courtesy of Dianne)
7:00 PM Ride to Hotel: 300
Back to Q Hotel

cost for the day: 4200

-DAY 3-

7:00 AM Breakfast at Q Hotel: (3k/day weekend price)
8:00 AM Ride to Taal Lake Yacht Club 500 LOCATION
9:00 AM Arrive at Taal Lake Yacht Club for Calauit Trail 6260/3 people
12:00 PM Ride back to Olivarez 500
for lunch and buy Dinner 600
1:00 PM Ride Back to Q Hotel 100
*Take pictures and chill around the Q Hotel for the rest of the day*

cost for the day: 10,960

-DAY 4-

9:00 AM Breakfast at Q Hotel
12:00 PM Check out at Q Hotel
12:30 PM Starbucks Tagaytay 40
1:00 PM Lunch at Olivarez 300
2:00 PM Ride to Olivarez: 100
Departure for Manila: 87/ea
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM Arrival at Manila

cost for the day: 701

Total cost: 21,872 Php = approx. 430 USD

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