Private parts

by - July 07, 2016

Many would contradict that the internet's advances hinders the understanding between human interactions. I believe that you can tell a lot about a person depending on how they manage their social media accounts. This concerns privacy and status "like" to post ratio. A complete study of this would take extensive research (stalking ha!) of numerous accounts, and seeing behavioral patterns between how the person is and how they want to be perceived as. I wouldn't want to call myself a connoisseur in psychology concerning the use of modern technology, though if one would take further deliberation on the behavioral similarities of each (If one had the time and actual interest), you would have a new understanding to the idea of "cyber stalking".

Privacy is a luxury society often take light of, which in turn makes it easier to pin point which groups are the ones with hidden agendas, albeit I trust that there is a vast spectrum of plausible reason for such actions, but like psychology and numerous scientific studies, it would be an educated conclusion based on hypotheticals concerning the constant and controlled variable. I really think that would be an excellent thesis for a psychology major. No? Probably I'm just this insane sociopath who takes entertainment in being an obnoxious kid that I am with daily occurrences. Let me just put it out there. I am not knowledgeable, but solely an intrigued millennial who prefers the comfort of her own room than actually socialize with fellow humans and converse in the typical manner- though many would declare otherwise. 

I personally keep my accounts in check, if not daily, frequent. Often I look at past entries and contemplate the relevance of their existence to my current lifestyle- I sense an anal self-absorbed perfectionist. I digress, but that in itself expresses the point of the numerous possibilities of a "study" like this. I trust that you recognize the sarcasm in this. Nevertheless, I imagine people should exert time into polishing their pages as if they were picking out clothes to wear, now that I've imparted that there are individuals such as myself, who take educated conclusions from your "FB". I might as well be your next boss.

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