The not-so-required reading book list

by - January 13, 2020

It's already the 3rd week of the year and I still haven't posted the reading list that I said I was going to post before the end of 2019. I explained it in detail on my previous post as to why I've decided to embark on this journey of reading "required reading" books this year. Better late than never! I didn't want to get ahead of myself so I decided I was just going to do 12 books (for now). 1 for every month of the year. I'll add to the list if I end up reading more than expected, since there are some books that are quite short. I also wanted to read leisure books in between so I provided cushion for that as well. 

Without further ado here's the 2020 not-so-required reading book list

1. Little Women

2. 1984

3. The Great Gatsby

4. The Count of Monte Cristo

5. Great Expectations

6. To Kill a Mocking Bird

7. Jane Eyre

8. Brave New World

9. The Handmaid's Tale

10. Catch-22

11. Wuthering Heights

12. A Tale of Two Cities

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