I feel stupid because I don't read

by - December 16, 2019

I've never considered myself as a well read person. To date, I haven't even reached 100 books. Whenever I encounter a good book, I tend to lock myself up in my room for 1-3 days, depending how long the book is, and finish it right then and there. I've tried listening to audio-books , but I realized that the pace of the reader is too slow for my taste. Do you see the recurring theme of impatience here? 

Since I have more time on my hands, and now earnestly learning how to manage my time, I've decided to set a goal to read more books next year. Hurrah hurrah, such a common New Years resolution, but let me finish. One of my regrets when I was younger was not being able to absorb and enjoy the required reading for English and Lit class during high school. I came across this Buzzfeed  article, "50 Books Taught In School That Are Actually Great, I Promiseand realized how much I regret not reading most of these books. I feel as if I'm missing out, and there's this plethora of information, ideals, and lessons that I am not aware of because I didn't get to immerse myself in most of these books. 

I've decided to make it a goal by the end of 2020 to have read a good chunk of these books. I'm also considering of making a series about it just to keep myself accountable, at the same time openly discuss/review my thoughts on the books, since I'm not in classroom setup anymore and there's not much interaction with people who would actually discuss high school required reading books. So far I have yet to narrow down the books that I'll be tackling, and if anyone is interested maybe you'd want to join in my online solo book club. 

I'm hopefully gonna put up the initial list of books before the end of the year, so for die-hard fans of some required reading, (I know a bunch who loves "The Catcher in the Rye") please do share your all time favorites. 

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