2019 Reel

by - February 27, 2020

I wasn't able to do a year round up since a lot of events took place during the end and beginning of the year. Having worked in retail, Christmas season gets really intense, but more so the fact that our store was closing, so we were having a liquidation sale going up to 75 percent off. That turned into utter chaos. 

My siblings then planned an impromptu trip to Japan that lasted 3 weeks–the last 2 weeks of January and the first week of February. I had to quit my job earlier since we were officially closing up shop on the 26th of January. I quit a week earlier because I needed to fit my dress since I was part of the wedding party of my cousin that was held on the 17th of January, and our flight for Japan was the morning of January 18th –let's just say it was pretty cramped, haha!– but nevertheless, more stress means more memories, and more memories means more things write about. 

I've been trying my best to write more often, to encourage myself and see things from an outsiders perspective, hoping to achieve more than wishful thinking. I have prefaced this post long enough. haha!

The beginning of the year started with my first time living alone in order to focus on finishing my undergraduate thesis. This small room was my peak –lack for a better term–"bulok" self, where I chugged a lot of caffeine, and as well sleepless nights, tears, and self realizations.

I dare say, my short stay in this dormitory housed one of the biggest transformations in instilling lifelong characteristics that I now have. Towards acceptance and pushing forward even when you feel like you're at the losing end. I gained my new found confidence and appreciation in this room.

 The thesis class of the year goes to us. These people are the best support system you could ask for! Biggest shout out to Jenna. God bless you woman! <3

I got to experience my own baccalaureate mass with friends that helped me in pushing myself to finish what I started. I used to have regrets of not being with my original class, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

These girls are SUPER SIPAG!

My long awaited graduation!
The only photo I have at the grounds was with this person! Best thesis assistant ever. Hope everything is well with you Ian! 

Finally got to celebrate at the Spiral buffet with my parents. Something that I've put off for 2 years. Victory does taste sweet.

Spa-date with one of the best people in my life. My roommate for 5 years??? Dianne!

This girl has seen all  different versions of me, all my habits, my heartbreaks, and is ultimately family and a sister for sure. Life will take this girl to different lengths. Don't be surprised if you find out she's suddenly running for office and is the next Miriam Defensor.

Small Despedida with my closest friends. I have a habit of not being able to keep in touch with people that I'm most fond of, but these are the people I know for sure I would never tire of sitting a whole day asking an update on their lives, since we last saw each other.

Moving all my stuff that I accumulated for the past 8 years from the Philippines to California.

My 26th birthday where me and my younger siblings went and watched toy story 4 at the drive in.

Hillary, my buddy during my first year at University visited me all the way from Texas.

We went around the LA with my sister. I'm hoping to visit you soon so I can check out your school. 

Getting a job at GAP as a brand associate.

 I remember being nervous during my interview. I loved the people I worked with, and though the gig was short–4 months to be exact– it was definitely a time to remember. 

I'm just sad that I didn't get to go to the get together after the store closed since I was already in Japan, but these people are some of the nicest people you'll ever met. My manager as well as the rest of my co-workers are the most hands on, patient, and helpful people ever.

Going all out on Halloween. *Overdue on this post*

Convincing my mom to get an actually tree for Christmas and the entire family was so down for it. This Christmas we also gave each other gifts and it made this year a bit more special. I wrote all about it here.

I'm hoping 2020 would be just as great or even better. I just want to thank the people who made my year extra special and that may we all strive to be our best selves this year.

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