New Project for a New Chapter

by - September 01, 2018

I'm slowly realizing that the huge shift of information marketing from blogs to videos is more evident that what I initially imagined when I re-started writing on my blog. Though I still enjoy writing out my thoughts and opinions, I'm starting to come into terms that the best way to present information, especially in this digital age, is through video and photography platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. 

I feel as though the blogsphere has been saturated by other specialty websites such as Buzzfeed, and the likes, that it's hard to get a word in edgewise with competing established pages on search engines. Currently my visits relies on my friends on my social media accounts and frankly it's harder to branch out into a bigger demographic. Writing has always been my safety blanket because it shows such transparency in exchange of information, but with everything turning fast paced, and with my only mode of delivery is through my own mouth, to present things that I want to share, I'm considering of delving into talking in front of the camera to try to keep up with the times. 

The mere thought of it both horrifies and excites me, but I've always planned on (going back into) video editing and delivery as soon as I've settled certain things, and honey, it's been almost 7 years and there's a lot of catching up to do. I am fearful for judgement, but realizing that if I did something drastic a couple of years back, it wouldn't take so much of a toll on me now. So the thought I'm clinging onto is that if I wait another year, I'm just lowering the chances of getting myself heard 

Right now I'm trying to curate the content that I'm deciding to focus on. Crossing my fingers that it all works out, if not, to be quite honest I feel like I'll be fine. I'm planning on doing self-help, lifestyle, and how-to's. Would you be interested in watching my videos? Never mind that for now, but this new chapter is definitely starting and I am excited.

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