Souvenirs I got from Tokyo

by - April 04, 2020

Initially when we went on this trip, I didn't plan on purchasing specific items. My main goal was to take in as much of the scenery with photography, but nevertheless I still saw some items that I wanted to keep for myself, and wanted to share them here, since a lot of people are actually planning to go to Japan this spring, and are asking what they should get.

I decided to compile all the items I bought from Tokyo since majority of the things I bought are from here. I also bought trinkets from the places that we went to, which I will include in their respective posts, but the bulk of my "souvenirs" are train tickets, brochures, and even the food receipts. So you don't need to buy anything, but these are just some ideas that you could take note of.


I recently wanted to try collecting perfumes, attaching scents to places, so I decided to purchase one for this trip. I found this brand, Vasilica-ReFLECT. It's a mid-ranged Eau de Parfum. In terms of price, it can be compared to brands like Philosophy, CLEAN, Tocca, Nest, and even Glossier. I was sniffing my way around Don Quijote and I knew this was the perfume I wanted since I went back to it not twice, but five times. I often go for clean, floral and powdery scents, and this basically checked all the boxes. 

I'm not necessarily telling you to purchase the exact perfume, but definitely try to get one, even  sample bottle for your next trip. Every time I spritz this, it reminds me of Japan. 


Before the hype for k-beauty existed, Japan has been ahead of the game for skincare. Best advice you can take from this post is always put sunscreen. If you're me and you hate the sticky feeling of sunscreen, Biore Aqua Rich is definitely for you. It's a gel formula that absorbs into your skin quickly and its 50+ PA++++ to boot. I even bought the 3 pack. 

I also decided to pick up this face lotion (toner) that my older brother swears by. It apparently moisturizes, and I don't have any worries from trying out their products because everything is so gentle unlike western skincare, that for some reason burns. 

*purchased at Don Quijote*



I know it sounds odd for me to recommend toothpaste, but ever since I found out about this, I have been searching for it everywhere. Apagard toothpaste actually rebuilds your enamel through time, and basically fills in the wear and tears on your teeth. This is definitely a MUST PURCHASE item when you're visiting Japan.

In retrospect, I regret that I only bought one tube. It's available on amazon but its 6-7 dollars more expensive, and don't forget shipping. If you're gonna ask me if I were only to purchase one item, it would be this one.

*purchased at Don Quijote*


I wanted to purchase the entire line of K-Palette, but of course we need to remember that we shouldn't blow all our savings. If you heard of Glossier's brow flick, let me tell you that Japan had first, and it's way cheaper. I just purchased one since I still have stock this one.

I also bought eyelid glue, in events that I would want to wear eyeliner. One of my biggest insecurities is that my eyelid folds aren't even, and that I have hooded lids. Whenever I try to do a wing tip it always ends up looking weird. Plus this item was on sale when I was there. 

Honorable mentions would be the Shu uemura lash curler that were only around 4 dollars as well as the lashes. They're specifically made for asian/hooded eyes, so definitely check them out when you're there. 

*purchased at Don Quijote*



Japan is land of the matcha, so more than anything you should purchase anything green tea. You could definitely go with the usual green tea loose leaf or tea bags. I purchased one to consume during the trip, and it's out of this world. You could also try matcha flavored KitKat or even Mochi flavored matcha, Matcha latte, etc.

I ended up purchasing green tea powder instead since I plan to bake matcha flavored pastries, and I'm very much excited for that. Hopefully I don't botch it since this was pretty expensive, but still more affordable than if you purchase it online.

*purchased at Don Quijote*


Since this trip was during the winter season, I wasn't able to witness the Sakura trees bloom, so instead I decided to purchase Sakura flavored beverage mixes. Sakura has a very floral taste, it reminds you of jasmine but it has it's own distinct flavor. I think people should be able to try Sakura at least once in their life.

*purchased at Don Quijote*


If you want instant rice toppings this is definitely a must! I've purchased this before at the local Daiso in the Philippines but I needed to try out the other flavors such as the "umeboshi" plum, and the salmon flavored ones. It won't break the bank either because it's really cheap.

*purchased at Daiso*


Before you purchase this, make sure you try out the nearest ichiran ramen shop! I bought this because I saw great reviews of it online and wanted to try it out for myself. I have yet to devour this since I'm saving it for a rainy day when I'm missing Japan and their good food. 


I wanted to send myself some postcards so I could get them when I arrive back home in California, but we were moving lightning speed during this trip that I wasn't able to do so. Nevertheless I was able to by these gorgeous looking postcards for a set. 


Initially I wanted to buy Tenugui and Furushiki fabrics for keepsakes but I ended up just purchasing this sakura handkerchief since I know I would use it more often. Plus they look pretty.

You can find different fabrics everywhere, I bought this at the Tokyo observation deck when went to see the sunset view of the Tokyo Skyline. 


Japan has some pretty unique accessories, and many small shops that sell jewelry. Keep an eye out they're all over Tokyo. This particular piece caught my eye because it's small but if you look closely it has this tablet resin design with dried flowers inside.


Is it cliche to say that I bought chopsticks. This was definitely on my list even before I started making one. I wanted is for decoration, not necessarily for personal use. I also wanted to have at least one engraved item in my name in Japanese characters. I chose Hiragana characters because they look like candy and adorable to look at. I was able to purchase this at one of the side shops in Asakusa near the Sensō-ji temple. 


Following personal items I got. I also purchased myself one of these name tag keychains that had my last name on them. I wanted to buy the personalized stamped seal but I couldn't find one in the mega Don Quixote that we went to in Shibuya.

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