So what now?

by - November 12, 2019

It's nearing the end of 2019. Have you had those "empty" years where you feel as if nothing eventful happened that year and it seems as if you wasted another year. I can recall a period in my life that months seemed to have just pass by without substance. This year was filled with new experiences and accomplishments that even if nothing else happens before 2020, I'm satisfied with the events that had conspired.

Initially after leaving the Philippines, I intended to apply to get master's degree in Architecture, and get my foreign Architecture degree accredited by the NCARB. (Having your degree accredited is very costly, around 2k dollars) I requested 8 sealed transcripts to get picked up by my dad back in July, instead the registrar's offices sealed all 8 transcripts in one envelope.

Recently my parents went on a trip to the Philippines to visit my lola from my mom's side, in which they ended up going back to my university to get the transcripts resealed. So I've only recently, officially obtained my individual transcripts a couple of days ago when they got back. Since then I've consulted with a local Architect as to what I should do to move forward into my Architecture career, and alas my questions weren't really answered. He suggested I worked under an architecture firm for 7 years, then afterwards I can apply for an architectural apprenticeship for 2 years, only then can I take the 5 part Architectural examination to get my license. 

I've been heavily considering of letting go of this profession entirely, since there is a possibility that trying to obtain an architectural license in the US might take almost a decade, with my current situation (having a foreign degree). 

Currently I decided to get a part time job in retail while I'm still trying to figure out what my next move is. So far I'm looking into computers, polishing my undergraduate portfolio, but as well as pursuing some of my creative pursuits that I had put off because of school. I'm filled with both excitement and fear for all the uncertainty. Sometimes more fear than excitement, but I just keep reminding myself that I'm still very blessed with where I am in life, and how I'm fortunate to have these "dilemmas".

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