6 months later

by - April 17, 2019

It's been almost half a year since I last checked in. I've been busting my ass trying to finish my undergraduate degree, and in all honesty I'm exhausted. I have finally broke my record of 4 days of no sleep trying to make it to the final endorsement, which I'm quite proud to say I successfully went through.

Since I'm enrolled in a Catholic institution, my university observes Holy Week, which, for my non-christian readers, is the last week of the Lenten season, or most commonly known as the week before Easter. (un)Luckily the thesis defense week was placed right after Holy Week, and my defense schedule is on the morning of April 26, 2019, Friday. I was elated, the fact that I had extra time to work on the remaining requirements, but alas, little did I know that the co-working place that I've been working at will be closed for the entire week. On top of that, the day after final endorsement, I was put off by this particularly snobbish arse who seemed uninterested in idle chit-chat, and scoffed off at the idea that I actually cried when I passed the final endorsement. I truly wish I could be indifferent to the whole fiasco that happened, but the "easily-affected-emotional-ass" in me couldn't help but be bothered by it. I felt both embarrassed and pissed. Up until now I can't help but feel so bothered by it. I should've just kept to myself quite honestly.

It's Holy Wednesday, and we're expected to have a consultation with our adviser on either on Friday or on Saturday, and I have no intentions of going. He is already going to see us 2 days before our scheduled defense day for signing of boards. In all honesty he is wasting all of our precious time by all these requirements. If he doesn't endorse me on Tuesday the 24, then that's it for this semester, and we'll just do it all over again next semester. I've already had my graduation picture taken, and I do intend to graduate this semester. What bothers me is the fact that my adviser doesn't seem to comprehend the fact that the scale of my thesis isn't meant for one person to design, and expects that revisions can be done within a short amount of time. I understand that I can easily come up with a manually drawn perspective of my idea, but what he doesn't seem to get how modeling can take up to 3 days. I understand that they might be the best of the best during their time, but what they don't seem to empathize with, is that the capabilities the current students are equipped with, given that they didn't even teach students how to properly use all of the modeling programs we're using now, are quite limited. It's as if the faculty is setting their students up for failure, and also the fact that unsolicited advise in terms of the actual design of the building. I mean, isn't this my thesis? Why are you revising even the actual design? Can someone please explain that to me.

Anyways, I've decided to rearrange my dorm room again since I'm beginning to feel claustrophobic from being stuck along this four walls. I'm absolutely thankful for internet, or else I feel like I'll start going insane. Hopefully, if and when I do publish this it would be followed up with good news.

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