Keep looking forward

by - October 11, 2018

I've been in a rut in terms of  productivity, and that sounds such a privilege mindset, but I've realized that beating myself up in terms of guilting myself into being productive isn't the best way to tackle this situation. My biggest motivator is the future plans and goals I want for myself. 

Though career wise, I haven't quite figured out where I'm gonna end up, but so far I've set the places that I want to settle, the lifestyle I want, and I want to do everything in my power to achieve this. One advice I can tell people who are in the same situation is stay excited. 

When you hype yourself up, these decisions that makes you finish a certain task dominoes into achieving your current checklist as you move on to each bigger step to get to your goal. As tedious and tiresome these tasks may seem, switch your perspective in which you see it as a series of tasks steps into taking a bigger leap, in turn, getting closer to your goal. 

Nevermind the naysayers or the people who seem ahead of you. Nevermind the people who always tries to proves they're better than you with their words and actions. Those people who pretend to be in your corner yet are thinking of ways to one-up you. You need not concern yourself of their own endeavors. 

Think of your own journey. These people would slowly soon be irrelevant. Just keep taking those baby steps so you can finally take a leap forward. We are in this together!

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