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by - August 07, 2018

I decided to compile all of the meaningful personal life lessons that I've accumulated thus far. It didn't make it in time for my special day, but it doesn't make it any less relevant. I think I've covered a variety of life topics, so I'm hoping you'd be able to relate to one. 

So in no particular order, here are the 25 original Mariel Sanchez quotable quotes HA! (majority of which I actually collected from my past status updates on Facebook and Twitter account). 

1. Getting your money's worth doesn't mean having to literally consume/use something to its extent, especially if it already causes you discomfort. The mere experience, and/or discovery that it's something that you can do without, is worth enough. You don't have to endure through something, to get your money's worth. That's just counter productive. If you can sell it, do so.

2. The difference between a professional and an amateur is how the output was done intentionally, and not by mere chance. So master your craft, and stop relying on luck. The goal is to achieve directed consciousness.

3. Living in your own bubble makes you magnify the shallow problems in life and unconsciously blow things way out of proportion, making things so much horrible than they seem. 

4. Courtesy and common decency will never be overrated.

5. Hoarding information for yourself causes stagnancy and hinders growth in creativity. Share your thoughts, share your skills, then learn some more. 

6. People are like genres of music, if you limit yourself to what you're comfortable and accustomed to, you won’t be able to discover the other beautiful melodies.

7. Some people feel alone because they focus more on the people they want attention from -who either rejects them or is indifferent towards them, rather than be consoled by the people/ persons who readily open up themselves to help them. 

8. There's a difference between trying to look smart and actually trying to be smart. Some people are scared to admit incompetence and that's the problem.

9. Insecurity either drives you or destroys you. It's up to you which path you chose. 

10. How to deal with narcissistic people: Feed their ego until they burst into flames. 

11. Analyzing from a sociological perspective greatly affects the output of any design, because it's purpose stems from a necessary need. 

12. Everyone has their own definition of success.

13. Don't give up till the last second. The "what if's" are what kills you. 

14. We are not defined by the circumstances we are dealt with. 

15. Acknowledge your struggles and insecurities and use them as a tool to learn from. Push your limits, you might end up doing what you thought was impossible. 

16. Being distant to certain things, makes you realize that some things weren't meant to be. Sometimes you need to take a step back to get a better, clearer picture of what the truth really is. 

17. Self acceptance plays an important role in finding true happiness, because we don’t live off of the fear of rejection, but pure choice. 

18. When you meet new people, everyone is a "prospect" until time and familiarity eventually dictates the relationship until the opportunity for romance becomes less and less likely. This, my friend, is called the friend-zone. 

19. Motive stems from emotion. Emotion is a much powerful force. It's what drives us. As long as you have a clear grasp of your emotions, you're still living in a reality based off of logic. 

20. Don't fear to feel because feeling is a part of us. People who avoid feeling aren't living.

21. Your so called talent, skill is irrelevant if you have no discipline. Fuck motivation. Stop and do the things that need to be done. 

22. I never thought that I would be under the influence of the monsters that I have inadvertently created. It's not that I did not reach the expectations I had for myself, but more of, I created a void for something that does not exist. Our longing for filling an emptiness where there is none. When our souls are cut open, we would only see a reflection of ourselves. It's insane what our mind does. We are born curious to the point where things that are left to be simple we over complicate. 

23. If you appreciate people the way you do with art. The way you see that it's not the surface that intrigues you, but the meaning behind it. It not only opens you to a new understanding of others, but yourself as well. It might not be aesthetically pleasing, something you believe in, or you might even find it offensive, but true appreciation of art comes from knowing it's intention and why it is the way it is. Know it for what is, only then you can see the beauty of things. 

24. In difference you find depth. In depth you find authenticity. In authenticity you find meaning. In meaning you find beauty. Uniqueness is to be celebrated. 

25. To survive this world, one must have an incontrovertible sense of humor. Stop beating yourselves up. Laugh at your mistakes. Live happy or at least try to.

I hope at least one resonated with you. Which one is your favorite? Have you also compiled life lessons that are similar, or even ones that contradicts mine? I would definitely love to read them. I think it shows real depth of character, and I would love to pick people's brains.

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