Taking initiative

by - July 21, 2018

If you ask the majority of the people who took up Architecture as their bachelors, where they learn, or how they got good in layout and rendering their models and presentations, more often than not they will tell you YouTube. It's difficult to admit, but it is true that in school we were only taught the bare minimum, sometimes even less, and it's your responsibility, as you're pursuing this career, to take the initiative to learn skills on your own, whether you feel as if the curriculum is lacking or the professors could've provided more, is besides the point.

Compared to 4 years ago, more people have posted tutorials online on how to go about achieving renders that you usually see projects posted on archdaily. One of my current favorite YouTubers is Minh Tran, who uses the handle Architecture Inspirations. He gives clear and concrete explanations in regards to settings, and he even explains important things such as composition and minute detailing. I was able to achieve a pretty decent interior rendering of a home office.

As you can tell I'm a very big fan of the Scandinavian minimalist feel, usually apparent in MUJI designs. I even included the white Cuckoo clock, and humidifier which you can actually purchase in their stores. This took 4 whole days of modeling, picking quality textures, downloading high quality models on SketchUp 3D Warehouse, whilst re-watching tutorials online.

Afterwards, I personally messaged him on Instagram to thank him for his videos because it helped me immensely in understanding the new V-ray settings. I even sent my work, to which he praised, even if I knew there's still so much room for improvement. He openly offered help, and his genuineness and humility only confirmed that I did the right thing of personally messaging him. I highly encourage people to message these content creators, because it makes such an impact in interacting and showing how much their media has affected their audiences. It never hurts to say thank you!

I have yet to tackle, getting my ideal exterior render settings, but for now I can give myself a pat on the back with this.

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