Simply complicated

by - July 05, 2018

If you've observed, over the past years, compared to the previous decades, admiration towards public figures were usually based on their social status and success in life. People were fazed by personalities who were perceived as "living the life", given that nowadays we still look up to these people, but we can't deny that we have also followed "influencers" that live a "normal" life, whom share their mundane activities on their social media accounts. I guess relate-ability is what we seek for, and it plays a big factor towards our liking for these individuals.

Society is more inclined to idolize people who are deemed human rather than celebrities. I'm only assuming that it all boils down to comparison to oneself. It's as if we're trying to give ourselves reassurance, that we're still doing ok, and our life isn't as fucked up as it seem maybe it does come with age, though I'm not seasoned enough in terms of being called old, since I'm only 24. We now, seem to seek validity even in the constraints of our home. 

Innocently enough these "how-to" videos, "room tours", "what I do in a day", "105 facts about me" can actually have an adverse affect into people's lives, by which if these were what is perceived as the norm, it will put certain strain onto individuals who can't seem to achieve what is considered as basic, which you can see can be venomous to everyone, not just to adults and young adults, but to the younger demographic as well. 

If you've been up to date with YouTube creators, particularly the ones who do lifestyle vlogs, you may be familiar with the "kon-mari" method. If not, basically the "kon-mari" method is a lifestyle through minimalism, its a guideline written by a Japanese woman by the name of Mari Kondo. It's a quick read, or a one day audio-book. I personally tried it out, and the high praise of it's supposed after effects didn't do much for me, though it's fair to say that I didn't have much stuff to begin with, nevertheless I can see the appeal, and possible benefits it can have to a person with copious amounts of things. During my phase of  de-cluttering I've decided to follow accounts who were going through the book as I was.

I digress, but basically sometimes, in seeking simplicity, we end up unconsciously focusing too much on perfection, we get drowned into the nitty gritty of the how-to's rather than the initial purpose. The projections of how these influencers go about their day and careers, to which compared to former idols, such as the rich and famous, may hit home on a more personal level, and may put more pressure and demand for us to achieve a certain kind of lifestyle. Some may seem to be convinced of the authenticity, or even the genuinity of their media, that's why we should still be reminded that everything must be taken with a grain of salt. What people fail to realize is that the majority of these people  have devoted a significant amount of energy into creating this type of lifestyle, which people with 9-5 jobs can't normally achieve. Don't be too hard on yourself if your life isn't "Instagram worthy", more than half of the time no one lives like the queen, heck even the queen does boring day to day work (yes, I am a big fan of The Crown).

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