I felt fancy for 160 pesos

by - July 28, 2018

I unintentionally came across this recipe by accident, though I knew from the get-go that I was going to enjoy this dish. I'm a big fan of Stroganoff, anything cream, and mushrooms. Most especially when they're served alongside a steaming hot bowl of white rice. I'm Asian, sue me. 

What caught my attention was the 47 second clip I came across while I was browsing on Facebook. I was hesitant at first, because when I tried out a recipe by BuzzFeed's Tasty, though the chicken cordon bleu tasted good, the sauce was terrible, to which I tried everything in my power to salvage. I eventually just told myself "If their recipe doesn't appeal to me, I can just manipulate it if it ends up being too bland", and who could go wrong with cream right?

I've always enjoyed different combinations of tastes, to which, more often than not, is associated with a very hefty bill plus the commuting fare, and so I try to recreate some of my favorites in my tiny kitchen, rather than eating out. So far YouTube has assisted me in expanding my collection of recipes. The internet is free, use it!

I'm glad that everything I needed was readily available in the supermarket (SM) near my place. What's difficult about living in Manila, is some of these recipes require produce that aren't grown locally or is grown in a controlled environment, since these recipes were written catering to the western demographic, so sometimes only high-end supermarkets (like Rustan's) carry these ingredients, with prices that would make your wallet bleed. 

This has easily become my favorite dish that I made up to date, to the point, that the moment I took my first bite, I had to sit down and message my father to cook it for the family back in California. Whenever I'm cooking a new recipe I always remember the movie "Julie and Julia". Funnily enough when I was cooking the mushrooms, I kept hearing the line "Don't crowd the mushrooms, otherwise they won't brown". For the chicken broth, I took 1/4 of the bullion and added it to 1/2 cup of water before I introduced it to the rest of the dish. The only mistake that I made was I used purple spinach, which stained the cream as the food settled. So dear people, please use regular green spinach.

My Shopping List 
*I'm only assuming you've already have at least salt and pepper in your pantry*
prices are in Philippine Peso

Price       Ingredient

142         125 g Tuscan Fields Sliced White Button Mushrooms
180         100g Perfect Italiano Parmesan Grated
15.75      SM Bonus Garlic Powder
13.75      20 g Knorr Cubes Chicken Bullion
75           100 g Anchor butter unsalted
85           200ml EMBORG Cooking Cream
15.46     160 g Spinach
100         4 Piece Chicken Breast

Total of 
This recipe yields 4 so it comes down to approx 160 per plate. 

With these ingredients I didn't even finish all the products I bought.
Items still up for consumption:
        Garlic Powder
        1 3/4 Knorr Cubes
        approx 1/2 butter

Tell me how it goes! and I really hope you enjoy the recipe just as much as I did.

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