Blind Dating isn't the way to live by

by - September 19, 2017

I feel as if I've scattered myself a bit too thin in the creativity department. At first having a jab at every single category had it's initial appeal, but as you go through the whole rhythm of it, you start to notice that you are beginning to lose grasp of what it is that you intend to have at the end of it all. 

Now, it's already been proven by many studies that multitasking is not a feat that one should be celebrating, in contrary, it should be frowned upon. For those who pride themselves of the numerous skills they've accumulated, let me have something for you to bounce off of. Have you, in any aspect bettered yourself in any of the things that  you've "tried to learn", since the initial encounter of this skill and have continued to do so.  If yes then I applaud you, and I wish I had known to do so sooner, for the rest, let me share some insight from a recent epiphany. 

There was a saying that stuck to me all throughout my 24 years of existence. It's that saying "you don't want to grow old doing something that you don't love". This statement had me in some sort of panic in terms of what it is I should be doing that i'll be "loving for the rest of my life". This, in turn, had me trying out a variety of  workshops, skills, tutorials and the like. Testing out what it is that I should be pursuing in terms of lifelong hobbies. (profitable hobbies: I might expound on this some other time)

Thinking back, I feel as if I was thrown into those blind dates where you meet a series of people and talk to them for a minute or so, and by the end of the event you are to choose which person you'd like to see a second time. Granted, I've never actually participated in one, too much interactions with a group of strangers, in a constrained "time's up" setting, would have me imploding from too much anxiety. Nevertheless it felt as if life was a bit of a "do or die" setting. Needless to say, having to question things for their longevity, ruins the idea of doing, and is also very exhausting. Now that I think of it, the idea of "I don't want to waste time" is actually a result of living under that belief of the absolute NEED of doing what you love. Always trying to go in a fast pace selecting what is worth investing time in.

(I am in no means credible in terms of lecturing someone of what they should and shouldn't do, so take the things I say with a grain of salt.)

Giving things a chance:
One at a time. Sit back and ask yourself, have you given all the things you've tried a fair shot? or did you give up half way because of the inability to see the potential in yourself because you are dabbing on to many things.

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