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by - August 26, 2016

Hello stranger. So it's early morning rants again with dear ol' me. It's only the second week since classes started, sans the week where classes were suspended of course, and basically I'm already drowning in deadlines, though more so because I placed myself in a position of anxiety and stress. I really want to do my utmost in the last few semesters I have in this university, but hey being prepared actually has it's perks.

As the week is ending I've have come to some certain realizations in regards to productivity. First and foremost, stop complaining and just do. I mean majority of the people who end up procrastinating, which I admittedly am, tend to put off things stating that they were overwhelmed or it was too difficult. What I mean is, you're going to do it either way, might as well get it out of the way, but more often than not, the process of actually doing things spans in much longer compared to last minute do's, and sometimes we need to trick ourselves in order not to get bored with being productive, which would be scattering each task into chunks by which you get to do a little at a time, with the same amount of time constraint. 

So far this has worked for me because my self assessed ADD is actually one of the worst. I'm so drained and am actually dying to go home because of the workload surrounding all over my apartment, but so far I'm surviving, though I'm currently sick due to the fact of my lack of sleep for the past days.

In terms of productivity, I ended up doing a Vray render practice of one of the book-stands at my university's library out of sheer boredom and a change of perspective from doing hospital design research and AutoCAD. Architecture is life. I got the measurements from an exercise I did for my Specification Writing class. Don't worry I don't just go around randomly measuring random items, though I have this tiny measuring tape keychain ha! 

So now I shall go back to doing my other requirements, though I'm hoping for it to rain like crazy so that classes would be suspended because I'm dying to go home. Alright I bid thee farewell.

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