Needle and thread

by - June 12, 2014

I've been trying to get rid of unwanted yarn that I accumulated over the past year, so I've been busy making random projects. I've successfully finished a lot since summer classes ended. My joy in crocheting rekindled when two of my other friends were so eager to learn. My friend Alex found this pattern of a diagonal ribbed pattern Coffee Cozy. I made two during our "session" (ha!). She slept at 4 because she was trying to finish one. Let me tell you, crochet is very addicting, it's not for the weak. 

On a separate day I made a red one with my friend Dani. I couldn't find a coffee cup so I just used a water bottle to hold it in place. This yarn was intentionally bought because we started the project after watching Maleficent at the cinema. I was teaching her crochet at the restaurant. We were getting a lot of stares from the other customers sitting beside us. 

With some of the spare yarn I got from the workshop I attended to last summer, which I couldn't think of anything else to do because the colors were downright tacky, I decided to make dishcloths. I've successfully finished two yellow ones. I started the bright blue one, but I can't seem to find it.

Let me tell you, the camera washes the color out, but it's really bright unflattering yellow. I'm actually planning to give this to friends who actually want it. I have no use for it so might as well give it to somebody who will.

I also tried knitting, because I keep seeing nice patterns online but it's specifically for knitting, which was always a bummer. Knitting is so much harder compared to crocheting. Multitasking, balancing the right grip on the yarn, not making the stitches too tight, and holding the two long needles steady. I'm trying to make a simple infinity scarf with this multicolored yarn, but it's taking too long to make, so I'm contemplating of unraveling the whole thing and just crochet a scarf.

The pattern is quite simple. It stretches out into a wider form which is quite new for me. Overall it looks presentable and the knots and mistakes aren't quite visible.

I bought 4.0 mm knitting needles from VC Trading and the end broke sad to say I haven't got myself some adhesive to place it back, so my scarf is currently on hold. 

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