The mastery of wit

by - May 21, 2013

Of course first and foremost I won't be talking about wit in the sense of how a literary major would perceive it as. Don't expect an elaborate discussion on parody, reductio ad absurdum or something in the likes of those, but more of in the general sense of catching an individual's attention with a word or statement, which more often than not, actually is reductio ad absurdum, or in the more general term as sarcasm. Haha! If I am using that in the wrong context, since I have no mastery to such vocabulary, I do apologize if anyone is offended.

Anywho, I was sitting in class a while ago and our instructor would often hint a couple of sarcastic remarks on the lesson, though they might not be as witty if you analyzed it, but the mere insertion of the joke in the right moment makes it laughable. I wouldn't consider my self blessed with wit, since I tire the same joke until the end of time and people who know me well can attest to this.

Reacting opposite from the expected. When you act serious but at the same time saying something hilarious makes the joke even more funnier. This I give props to the people who can actually tell a joke with a serious face, especially if its the type of joke that can simply make you laugh until your rolling on your belly.

Clever one liners. This is something that I look for in wit. Whenever a person can think of a comeback within 1-3 seconds is actually a skill that not everyone can acquire. I'm not sure if it's something that you actually can acquire. I mean, do you practice at home in front of your bathroom mirror with your list of witty comebacks? Tell me, how does one actually attain this?

Because I actually think highly of people carry this type of skill, whether Tagalog or English. The fact mere fact that your reaction time and responding time is only but a few seconds away actually tells how fast your brain works. Now think about that.

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