It's been too long

by - December 30, 2012

Currently my body clock is wacked since it's the Holidays. I've been up from 8 last night  to right now which is 10 in the morning. Tonight is New Years Eve, and it was just 2 or 3 posts ago that I was writing about my freshman year in college. Well The year flew by because it was so hectic. Some important life changing decisions were made and hopefully things turn out for the best this upcoming year. Especially since as of now this post is actually post supposed apocalyptic, we should all be thankful about still being alive and well.

I actually posted a picture of a before and after photo of my room on Facebook. I thought of making one since I do enjoy looking at before and after pictures haha! Now isn't that a weird attribute? Here's the photo of my room.

I feel so proud of my self too. Right now it doesn't look like that anymore since I have clothes lying around that I still need to fold.
As you can see I also decided to decorate my wall of some of the few polaroid pictures that I have, and other pictures that lying around in my folders.

Hopefully this year I won't be neglecting this blog of mine.
A lot of crazy things happened this year, and I'm still praying that we all get to recover from what we've experienced badly, but hey! 2012 wasn't all that bad, there was still some awesome things that happened, like the new people that I met, and me getting partnered by Youtube :))
Here's a haul that I did not to long ago.

Okay that's it for now I'll be writing more later. I'll probably get some shut eye.

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