Easy as one two three

by - December 01, 2011

 My whole day, yesterday, basically consisted of these

Sorry for the photo-booth quality (and it's also flipped) . I was to lazy to pick up my camera. I only slept a couple of minutes early in the morning, because of this plate. I pretty much looked horrible yesterday. Eye bags reaching the floor. I have the picture to prove it, but I'll post it some other time. 
If you didn't know, I'm taking up BS Architecture, I was actually thinking if I was going to share it online. But what the heck, since I haven't been going out a lot, and it seems that my whole 5 years is going to consist mostly of my course, then why not share with the whole world. 

It was my first time to actually taste sonja's cupcakes.  Sue me, I've only been in the country for less than a year and have no driver license, hence no direct access to a car, still discovering things one at a time. 
Me and Hillary asked Celina, via twitter, to buy us some since the day before, she was already in the neighborhood buying cupcakes. Thank you so much Celina if you're reading this! :)
 To tell you the truth, one cupcake is enough. I didn't get to finish one whole cupcake, just because it was really sweet for my taste. It was my first time holding a cupcake that heavy. I mean literally, when you hold it, you'll feel it's weight.
For me, the best part was the icing. It was simply heavenly.

 And the drink beside that box is Wintermelon milk tea with pudding. It's their Bobba here.

Hill bought these japanese cakes that were sold along P. Noval st. , which at first I thought were macaroons. Sorry for being such a dork. The taste reminds you of pancakes, and something else, I couldn't point out the taste. The cart where we bought it, sold flavors cheese and chocolate.

This was the work-in-progress of our cookie cutter dodecahedron, for our Trigonometry project. Newspaper is not the best material on making these. We had to staple the sides to prevent it from falling apart. Hopefully the finished product turns out pretty.

Hopefully I could keep this up, writing an entry once in a while, ok I shall disappear again for now.
Happy Friday <3

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