by - December 11, 2011

I seriously should be finalizing my schematic and perspective of my sports complex to be ready for 
blue-printing tomorrow, but I've been in front of my drafting table for almost the whole day, since I decided to do 4 different drafts of schematic, which I ended up putting together the two of the drafts together to create my final draft.

Anyways, I wanted to at least make myself feel accomplished by posting something that I've already finished.
For our trigonometry class we were asked to create a christmas decoration made out of recycled materials, that has something to do with trigonometry, so I suggested that we do an origami based project.

This picture looks like somebody died and was being buried.

"Christmas Tree-g (trig.)

We got 98%

Our professor deducted 2 points because she said that the glitter and spray paint weren't recycled materials.

I'm not really fond of group projects but I actually had fun making this with my group mates

The Group:

Jr Alvarez, Chester Vargas, Ronaldo Evangelista Jr., Arlene  Apelo, Hillary Telegrafo, Kyle Victoria, Fiona, Gavin Castillo, Jeff Donguez, Julius Ribleza, Reuben Serilo.

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