Graduation Ceremony: Class of 2011

by - May 28, 2011

May  25, 2011

Congratulations class of 2011!

I finally graduated! I feel ecstatic. Usually I wouldn't flood a post with so many photos, but since this is a special occasion, I think we could make an exception right? I just want to thank everyone who supported me while I was having trouble with school and everything in between. Especially my mom, I know she does not have the time to read all that I'm writing about in my blog, but I just want to put it out here that even if she's tired from work, she still found the time to ask me how my life was going, if I was still sane. She's my motivation, my inspiration, and my role model. And I think life wouldn't be the same without her

While I'm writing this, I'm actually cleaning my room... and as of the moment I still can't see the floor, but I've been going through my school stuff from sophomore year till last week, and I find it so interesting, how a lot of things have change. My hand writing, my work ethic, taste in things.. But nevertheless, I think I kept all my morals in check. My self respect and views towards God increased about 1000% and my understanding towards the meaning of life.. well it's still being understood..

I think I'll write a more in depth novel about my high school life some other time, since this post really needs to be posted, because the demand for the actually excitement for this event will eventually fade, and people wouldn't really be as excited if I posted it on a later date.

so here it is VOILA

"place cursor over the pictures to see captions"

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