Christmas tree buying experience

by - December 09, 2019

Initially it seemed that I was the only one in my family who was absolutely excited about getting a real tree, but everyone ended up enjoying the fact that we opted for one this year. Being settled back home, I wanted to pull all the stops for celebrating typical American holiday traditions. Honestly, people often overlook the traditions and how it makes everything more special.

The day we went was perfect for tree shopping, since it was really gloomy but at the same time it wasn't too cold that we'd prefer to stay at home. (though, as a family we always prefer to stay indoors)

It was only a couple of days ago when we saw that they were finally setting up the trees to be sold. My little brother mentioned how it was funny how he was expecting it to look like a forest forgetting the fact that Christmas trees don't really go that high. 

They also sold these adorable small trees, perfect for small studio apartments. I remember buying a small one for the apartment that I was staying in during college. 

They also sold these tree holders that they'll happily install for you for an extra cost. We had already bought a tree holder from Walmart so we chose to just have the tree netted.

They'll place your selected tree here and cleanly cut the bottom so that you can easily put your tree up right.

My mom lining up with my little brother with our tree.

The rarely photographed siblings. Sans the youngest because she wanted to sleep in.

I took this photo because I found it so funny how it's a rare occurrence that you'll be in a line to pay for a tree among people who are also carrying trees beside them.

By the counter they were selling these to help the tree to stay alive all throughout Christmas

They were also selling real mistletoes

I didn't think we would actually be putting the tree on top of our car like the ones I used to see in cartoons when I was a kid, but I guess dreams do come true. haha!

On a side note the tree farm was also selling these colored trees, but quite honestly they're too tacky for my taste.

The mountains were looking especially white that day too. It was a fun day.

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